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How nice of you to take a look at this page! Here you can expect all kinds of fun things in the context of a zero waste lifestyle, slow living, sustainability, creativity and much more.

The purpose of this "community" is to learn the value of conscious living, in a way that suits your own unique self. Be it in the field of a zero waste lifestyle, slow living and/or your creativity.

I hope to be able to offer you tools that help you in your daily life. To give more shape to the subject of your choice. So that you shine in what you do!

You can sign up for various workshops, (online) seminars and other activities.

Kapstok met handdoeken

Zero waste

do it yourselves


Sign up for various events and other activities related to a zero waste lifestyle, slow living and creativity.

Sign up below for one of the events. Do you have any questions or can I help you with something else?

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No upcoming events at the moment
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