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The story

tropische Bladeren
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Dear you,

Thank you for making the world a better place by just being who you are.

What makes you unique, makes you worth so much!

I am inspired by people like you, and I hope I can let you know how loved you are, with the products I create.

I care a lot about people and the world around me, which is why Ristijl is: zero waste, fair and vegan.

I believe that together we can make the world a better place




About me

Image by Annie Spratt

Hey Hey! My name is Rianneke and I am 22 years old. Good to have you here!

As a little girl I already had the dream to start my own shop someday. I could never have imagined that I would ever really take this step.

I am now officially graduated from the interior and design course at Cibap.

At Cibap I learned a lot about styling and product design. That's how I found out that this makes me very happy and that I prefer to do it every day!

And now you are here, on my website, part of my dream.

I believe that everyone is loved and beautiful and should be reminded of this every day. I hope to encourage you with this. You are loved, chosen and beautiful!

You are precious and honored and I love you - Isaiah 43:4


Zero waste

Together we create a lot of (unnecessary) waste.

Waste that ends up in places where it should not, with all its consequences.

This can also be done differently, in fact: There must be change.


Big changes start small, and you can take the first step yourself.

This inspired me to get started with this, by looking at what I could do for a better world.

I want to do this by designing products and tools for a zero waste lifestyle, to make zero waste accessible to everyone. I believe that together we can make the world a better place.


Driving style is zero waste, which is why I pay attention to my personal impact in everything I do. This is when purchasing materials, designing, making and shipping products. But I also take this into account in assignments that I carry out.

For me, zero waste is looking for better alternatives to use less or preferably no waste at all.


- All products are plant based and free from animal products.

- All products are not tested on animals.

Be kind to every kind

Fair & faith

Taking good care of each other is important, which is why all products are created in an honest manner.

Besides that I want to deal well with the world, I also think it is important that we deal well with each other. And treat each other with love.


I think it is important to let you know that you are valuable and loved. I would like to include this in my products and services. This can be through a encouraging message on a product or through the story that the product tells.


I myself am a Christian and my company has Christian values. Every person is precious, that's how I want to treat my customers.


I also think it is very important that I get my materials in an honest manner. Under good and fair conditions for everyone.


For example, there will also be collaborations with daytime activity centers, to give people with a distance to the labor market a meaningful daytime activity.

For me this is of tremendous value, because you can really see people flourishing by making products and projects. That one smile gives the product so much more value.

As I have loved you, love one another  - John 13:34

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