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Shipping Policy

Packing up:

For packaging my products I use materials that can be reused. For example, I always try to be creative and provide packaging that you as a customer can also reuse. In this way we throw less away together and we help the planet a bit.

It also happens that I reuse materials that I receive from my suppliers. For example, it can happen that this can contain plastic. However, the plastic I use is only recycled plastic.

Shipping and shipping costs:

Of course, shipping products is not as zero waste as we would like. When shipping products, transport is required that involves a lot of CO2 emissions.

Because this process is anything but sustainable, I charge shipping costs for sending my products. In the Netherlands this is € 7.50 and in Belgium € 12.00.

If you spend more than 50 euros, the costs for the shipment are the same as what a shipment would cost me. But part of these costs are for my account. Above 50 euros you only pay 3.95 euros shipping costs and above 100 euros you do not have to pay any shipping costs at all.

* Within a radius of 10 km from Elburg you can choose the bicycle delivery option. If you choose this option you do not have to pay shipping costs. Note: It may take a little longer for your package to arrive, but it is the most sustainable delivery option.

Why do I pay shipping costs?

Because I am a small webshop and have relatively few orders, I pay the regular shipping costs. This amounts to approximately € 7.50 for a package.

In addition, I use sustainable materials (such as paper tape) when shipping. These materials are of course for my own account, but to prevent loss per shipment, I do ask you to pay shipping costs on your package.

I ensure that your products arrive at you in the most sustainable way possible. I pack all products carefully and with a lot of love. Because this process is ultimately quite labor intensive, I have to pay more shipping costs. But this also means that your product has been packed for you carefully, with a lot of love, and with great pleasure, and that you can enjoy it to the fullest. And it ensures fewer returns, which also means less waste. Yippie!

What you can do for a more sustainable world:

- Think consciously when placing an order. It is more sustainable to place a larger order once than a small order every so often. (This saves the number of times to drive back and forth to deliver your products. This saves a lot of CO2 emissions)

- Reuse the packaging (s) of your received products. Send something yourself or pack a nice gift with it.

- Make use of the bicycle delivery (if you live within a radius of 10 km). This also results in fewer emissions and is therefore kinder to the environment.

Return and Exchange Policy

Would you still like to return or exchange a product? Send an email to with the information about the product to be exchanged or returned. Let me know why you want to exchange or return products. Also the digital invoice that you previously received from me with the product specifications.

If you would still like to return or exchange a product. Please do so within 30 days of receipt . After these 30 days and in case of damage to the products concerned, you will no longer receive any money back.


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